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At California Prime Recovery we understand that recovery doesn’t end once treatment is completed. We believe that after-care is an important component to recovery and long-term success of our clients.

Sober living facilities are intended to provide a comfortable, homely setting to help support our clients who are in recovery. Our aim is to work with the Sober Living component to provide the structure necessary for our residents so that they can learn to become accountable to themselves, while becoming responsible and independent.

We work with gender specific sober living options, so that residents can stay in a stress free and supportive environment, while leaning on each other on their individual journeys.

Clinically Reviewed by: Charee Marquez, LMFT
Review Date: 3/1/2023

Our Approach to Sober Living

Providing Structure

In a sober living program, clients will continue to depend on the structure that they had while they were in treatment, but in a more relaxed environment, with some of the restrictions lifted. This is intended to help them stick to the routine and regimen while they are in transition.

High Accountability

Another important facet to a sober living program is to expect a high level of accountability from residents. We have a set of established rules that we expect our residents to respect, so that they can learn to become responsible for their actions. In addition, we perform periodic drug testing to ensure accountability.

Community and Network

At California Prime Recovery we believe that a good support system can go a long way toward helping our clients stay sober. We offer a community of advisors, mentors, as well as like-minded individuals on a similar journey of recovery so that they can recover faster.

What We Offer

  • Weekly meetings with designated advisor/counsel
  • Weekly house/group meetings
  • Structured daily routine
  • Medication assistance, if necessary
  • Periodic drug testing
  • Assistance with looking for job, budgeting
  • Assistance with 12-step meeting attendance ion
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Stay Sober With Us

At California Prime Recovery, we provide more than just a place to stay sober. We offer a strong sober living community where our residents can transition into a successful long-term recovery, while receiving support and guidance on their journey.

All of the houses are fully furnished, and offer everything you need to feel as stress-free as possible while being away from home.

Pet-friendly accommodations are also available.

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