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Addiction Treatment California Sober Living Orange County, California

If you or someone you care about is on the journey of addiction recovery, you understand that the path to sobriety is a complex one. At California Prime Recovery, we recognize that true recovery extends beyond the initial treatment phase. Our commitment to your well-being doesn’t end with therapy; it continues with our comprehensive after-care program that includes Sober Living in Orange County, California. In this article, we’ll delve into the significance of sober living, our approach, and how it plays a pivotal role in your sustained sobriety.

Clinically Reviewed by: Charee Marquez, LMFT
Review Date: 3/1/2023

The Bridge to Living Sober

Empowering Lasting Abstinence and Stability

There’s strong proof that sober living works well, even if you’re living in simple apartments. People who are dealing with addiction and stability issues discover that sober living provides a reliable way to stay away from drugs for a long time. A study in The Journal of Psychoactive Drugs in 2010 highlighted this success. It showed that 300 individuals living in two different sober living homes had good results that lasted.

In simpler terms, living in a sober home can help you stay away from drugs and lead a healthier life.

Our Approach to Sober Living

The Role of Structured Sober Living

Our aim is to help you regain control of your life. In our Sober Living of Orange County, you'll benefit from a structured routine that reflects the discipline you learned during your treatment. This structure acts as a bridge, helping you maintain healthy habits while easing the transition into independent living.

Embracing Accountability

At California Prime Recovery, we believe accountability is a cornerstone of recovery. Our Sober Living program expects a high level of accountability from residents. We provide a set of well-defined rules that encourage responsibility and personal growth. Regular drug testing ensures adherence to these rules and fosters a sense of responsibility.

Building a Supportive Community

Recovery can be isolating, but you don't have to go through it alone. Our Sober Living community offers a supportive network of peers who understand your journey. Through group meetings, mentorship, and advisory support, you'll find the camaraderie that accelerates recovery. Together, we face challenges, celebrate victories, and build lasting connections.

Our Comprehensive Sober Living Services

What We Offer

We recognize that everyone’s recovery journey is unique. Our Sober Living program offers:

  • Weekly meetings with designated advisors
  • Group sessions to share experiences
  • A structured daily routine for stability
  • Medication assistance if required
  • Periodic drug testing for accountability
  • Job search assistance and budgeting support
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What We Accommodate

We want our clients to have a place to recover and a place to call home. Our Sober Living program offers:

  • Fully Furnished Home
  • Pet-Friendly Options
  • Comfortable and Stress-Free environment
  • Supportive Neighbors
  • Gender-Specific Housing

Embrace Lasting Sobriety Today

Our goal is to be more than a place to stay sober. California Prime Recovery provides a haven where you can fully transition into a successful, long-term recovery. Our Sober Living homes are designed to be comfortable and stress-free, helping you focus on your healing journey. If you’re seeking a supportive and nurturing environment for your continued recovery journey, our Sober Living in Orange County, California program at California Prime Recovery is here for you. We’re committed to guiding you through every step, providing the structure, accountability, and community you need to thrive. Let us be your partner in achieving lasting sobriety.


What is Sober Living at California Prime Recovery?

Our sober living in Orange County, California is a supportive environment designed to help individuals transition from addiction treatment to independent living while maintaining their sobriety.

How does structured living aid in recovery?

Structured living in our Sober Living program reinforces healthy habits learned during treatment, ensuring a smoother transition into independent living.

Does California Prime Recovery offer PHP Sober Living?

Yes! Our Sober Living is accustomed to your needs, that is including Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) Sober Living.

Are IOP Sober Living Programs Available?

Yes! Our Sober Living is accustomed to your needs, that is including Intensive Outpatient Program (PHP) Sober Living.

Can I bring my pet to the Sober Living facility?

Yes, we understand the importance of pets in recovery, and we offer pet-friendly accommodations to make your stay more comfortable and stress-free.

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