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Addiction Treatment California

Treatment for addiction

Treatment for addiction of alcohol and drugs can be a complicated process because long-term abuse of substances creates harmful and lasting changes in the body and the brain. Trying to quit an addiction abruptly or alone can be challenging because the body and the brain developed tolerance to the substance, which can lead to severe withdrawal symptoms and can create relapses.

Most people need properly managed residential treatment to not only undo the damage, but also create a healthy lifestyle for themselves. Our treatment programs include several levels and modalities of therapies, strategies and counseling, in addition to medical and clinical expertise. We aim to help our clients get back their lives, and live confidently and successfully.

Clinically Reviewed by: Charee Marquez, LMFT
Review Date: 3/1/2023

Addiction Treatment Programs

Addiction is a complex disease, and it varies between individuals. Therefore we believe that treatment should be customized to each individual. We offer a comprehensive approach suited to treat multiple disorders and issues within an individual.

Some of our addiction treatment programs:

Our Approach

California Prime Recovery operates by approaching recovery at 3 separate levels. Each level will have expectations to meet, which include a minimum amount of time, and tangible growth to prove the client is ready for the next stage.

The stages are set up methodically to create long lasting results for all clients, coming from varying backgrounds and severity of addiction. California Prime Recovery will provide these services in an alcohol and drug free environment.

There will be a minimum (but not a maximum) length for a client at any phase; for this reason clients will feel less pressure to level up, and more time to grow at their own rate. We know from experience that everyone has their own unique journey so our aim is to challenge our clients to grow, but never add too much pressure to cause damage.

Level 1

This level will most likely follow a stay at an in-patient treatment center or a detox center. The client can identify, and recognize the negative consequences of drug use, but may not fully grasp their own problems. The client will be encouraged to participate during all groups, regardless of their insight. We are looking for integration into the community and participation as a fellow member amongst their peers. The client will start to gain an understanding of therapeutic concepts, 12-step ideology, and learn how to start incorporating those theories into their life.

Level 2

In this level, the client will continue to take action on a consistent basis and when faced with a difficult situation, the client will reach out for support from staff or their sober community. During groups, the client can participate with insight, demonstrate accountability, and set a strong example for peers. Clients will work through family and relational conflict at this phase. The client now understands therapeutic concepts and is starting to utilize them day to day.

Level 3

At this level, the client can manage daily challenges and seek support as needed from staff and their sober community. Clients provide strong leadership for his/her peers. Clients should be actively looking for a job, currently employed, or finding an extracurricular activity during this level. The client will help assist staff in keeping groups running smoothly, and the staff should be able to count on the client to aid in the positive growth of the community. The client will feel comfortable confronting his/her peers, and do so in a loving manner.

Therapy Options

Here are some (not all) of the therapy options we offer at CPR:

Experiential Therapy

In addition to some of the traditional therapy options above, we also offer experiential therapy which we have seen to be very effective in treatment of addiction as well as mental health issues.

Physically challenging hands-on activities can help our clients work through trauma, depression, anxiety or stress by teaching them coping skills, in an environment where they can feel comfortable.

Here are some examples of our experiential outings:

We believe that on your road to recovery it’s vital to have fun in sobriety!

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