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Adventure Treatment

What is Adventure Therapy? Glad You Asked!

Adventure therapy is an experiential therapy that uses challenging adventure activities to promote therapeutic healing after detoxifying. Adventure therapy helps promote healthy identity development, self-efficacy, grit, and a growth mindset.

What are the Benefits of Adventure?

  • A decrease in symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Increased self-efficacy
  • Improved executive functioning
  • Improved interpersonal skills
  • Identity development
  • Improved grit
  • Trauma resilience
  • Learning to self-advocate for needs
  • Accurate clinical assessments

Why is adventure good for mental health?

For one, time outdoors has decreased stress, depression, and anxiety. Moreover, being outside in nature reduces stress by lowering the stress-associated chemical cortisol. Additionally, being surrounded by nature can inspire newfound tranquility and positivity.

Who is adventure therapy good for?

Adventure therapy is a therapeutic process that helps individuals struggling with drug or alcohol addiction by having them take part in various “adventures” in a safe environment. Adventure therapy became a popular type of therapy in the 1960s and has continued to have a positive effect on individuals in recovery.

Do outdoor recreational activities significantly contribute to dealing with an individual’s emotional and mental struggle?

It has been scientifically proven that people who actively participate in recreational activities are better adjusted. There are tremendous benefits not only physically but mentally as well. Recreational activities ease the everyday stresses of life and have been shown to reduce anxiety and depression.

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