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Overcome alcohol and drug addiction at California Prime Recovery

Recovery is a personal journey that no one needs to travel alone.

Recovering from addiction is a very personal journey, which is why we at California Prime Recovery Centers believe there is not one cookie cutter program that’s right for everyone. At California Prime Recovery, we specialize in treating the whole person – physically, spiritually, and emotionally. We take a unique perspective, not always present at other recovery centers; a focus on treating the needs of every individual as a whole. We realize that every person has their own story, which is why we tailor our treatment plans to fit the needs of each individual who walks through our doors.

California Prime Recovery provides treatment that is affordable, accessible and local.

Surrounded by caring and compassionate professionals, at our lovely California campus, our goal is to make recovery from addiction a rewarding and life transforming experience. Our novel approach is undertaken each and every day by our team of experienced physicians, clinicians, counselors, nurses and therapists who are the top professionals in their chosen fields. Taking the time to carefully assess each patient’s needs, based on a variety of criteria, each member of our team of addiction specialists is here to keep you focused on your recovery.

Evidence-based treatment for drug & alcohol addiction

At California Prime Recovery you will receive exceptional care from an expert team of masters-level clinicians, top-notch physicians, and knowledgeable staff. Our treatment options help facilitate a complete continuum of care that is built on a foundation of evidence-based treatment principles, 12 step methodology and medications for addiction treatment.

Meantal Health
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • Family TherapyCouples Therapy
  • Psycho-education Therapy
  • Psycho-dynamic Therapy
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Holistic Therapy
  • Mindfulness Therapy
  • Patients requiring simultaneous dual-diagnosis addiction and mental health treatment
  • Treatment for Professionals
  • MAT (Medically Assisted Treatment)
  • Adventure Therapy

Treatment Pathways that Break the Chains that Bind You

California Prime Recovery has created a unique 3-level approach to the recovery process. Each level consists of a set of specific criteria. In order to proceed to the next phase, a set of unique expectations must be met and tangible growth must be deomnstrated in a predetermined amount of time.

Understanding that patients are of all different ages, coming from a variety of backgrounds, professions and environments, with varying lengths of duration and severity of substance abuse patterns, the stages are set up methodically to create long lasting results for every client. California Prime Recovery is dedicated to providing these services in a zero-tolerance, alcohol and drug free environment.

There will be a minimum (but not a maximum) length for a client in each phase of recovery. We believe this allows clients to feel less pressure to rush to the next level and more confidence to grow at their own rate.

Recovery is not a race; it is a journey.

Level 1

Following detox or in-person treatment, the patient will begin the first phase of the program. At this stage, the goal is for the client to be able to recognize the negative consequences of his or her drug use, though they may still not be able to fully grasp the impact their addiction has had on their personal lives or the lives of their loved ones. The client will be encouraged to participate during all groups, regardless of their insight. At this stage, we encourage clients to integrate into the sober community and participate as a fellow member amongst peers. The client will start to gain an understanding of therapeutic concepts, 12-step ideology, and learn how to start incorporating those theories into their life.

Level 2

At this level, the client will continue to take action on a consistent basis and, when faced with a difficult situation, reach out for support from staff or their sober community. During groups, the client can participate with insight, demonstrate accountability, and set a strong example for peers. Clients will work through family and relational conflict at this phase. The client now understands therapeutic concepts and is starting to utilize them day to day.

Level 3

At this level, the client can manage daily challenges and seek support as needed from staff and their sober community. Clients provide strong leadership for his/her peers. Clients should be actively looking for a job at this stage of recovery, or if currently employed, find an extracurricular activity they enjoy. The client will be equipped with the tools needed to assist staff to help activities run smoothly, and will be relied upon to assist support staff with all areas of positive growth among the community. The client will be prepared to communicate effectively with his/her peers, and be comfortable addressing difficult issues as they arise in a loving and caring manner.

Adventure Therapy

One of our most popular treatments for substance abuse and addiction recovery – not just because it’s fun, but because it’s effective – is adventure therapy. This therapy offers a variety of benefits including communication skills, assessing risk and reward, learning to take responsibility, and more.

An experiential form of psychotherapy developed in the early part of the 20th century as a way of providing a safe environment while participating in activities that might be considered risky and exciting if performed without supervision, adventure therapy offers a sense of perceived risk, so participants learn to take on challenges, build trust in their peers, and develop confidence as they participate in these activities.

Our adventure therapy exercises provide structured goals, a component of adventure, a sense of individual responsibility, an atmosphere of friendly camaraderie, a combination of verbal and non-verbal communication skills, and a sense of accomplishment.

Types of Adventure Therapy

We offer adventure therapy as individual as well as group activities, primarily in a group setting, in order to enhance and take advantage of several of the benefits of this approach. They could be indoor or outdoor, depending on various factors that we try to include for a specific group.

Personal Exploration Groups

This adventure therapy includes a set of exercieses designed to support specific personal character traits such as honesty, helpfulness, and social skills.

Problem Solving Activities

These therapies are typically pased as challenging games designes to encourage mental activity and problem solving.

Trust Building Initiatives

Many of our team-oriented activities are intended to teach participants to communicate, build relationships, and, most importantly, instill a trust in others.

Outdoor Exercises

Overcoming obstacles, managing emotions, and practicing coping skill are among the many goals of our outdoor exercise activities. Participants not only benefit from the physical challenges involved, but in the process, they also lean about their own strengths and benefit from playing off the strengths of their peers.

Wilderness Therapy

We take your recovery very seriously, but we believe that it's vitally important to have a little fun on the road to recovery. That's why, in addition to traditional therapy options, we also offer experiential therapies that include physically challenging, hands-on activities that help patients work through trauma, depression, anxiety, or stress in a comfortable environment.

Sober Living You’ve gotten clean, now what?

The disease of addiction and the process of recovery is a continuous process that never ends. For some individuals with a substance use disorder, it takes time for this to sink in.Completing rehab doesn’t mean that recovery is fully achieved. The hard truth is, addicts are never recovered. We are constantly recovering. Recovery is a lifelong journey.The sooner the addict, and those who care about them, realize this concept, the better.

At California Prime Recovery we understand that recovery doesn’t end once treatment is completed. We believe that after-care is an important component to recovery and long-term success of our clients. Sober living facilities are intended to provide a comfortable, homey setting to help support our clients who have progressed through the many stages of recovery. Our aim is to work with the Sober Living component to provide the structure necessary for our residents so that they can learn to become accountable to themseleves, while becoming responsible and independent. We work with gender specific sober living options, so that residents can stay in a stress free and supportive environment, while leaning on each other on their individual journeys.

Our Approach to Sober Living

One of the first, and sometimes most difficult things recovering addicts need to do is stay away from “People, Places, and Things.” This means it’s critical to avoid the relationships, settings, and reminders that were a part of out lives during active addiction. Changing the people in our lives could be as simple as deleting certain numbers from our phone to as extreme as divorcing a spouse. Changing places might also be very complicated. This might entail moving out of an apartment where you once used, or even changing a job if the atmosphere is toxic to your recovery. these changes might be overwhelmingly difficult, but recovery must come first. No matter how hard it might be to make adjustments to the places we live, work or socialize, making these changes is a critical step towards healing. Sober living programs are there to step in to bridge the gap between treatment and everyday life.

Providing Structure

In our sober living program, clients continue to have the support of the structure they had while they were in treatment, but enjoy the feeling of a more relaxed environment, with some of the restricitions lifted. This is intended to help clients stick to the routine and regimen while making the transition back to their everyday lives

High Accountability

To help clients continue on a road forward, and not chance slipping back into old habits, we require residents to adhere to a set of established rules.This facet of our sober living program requires a high level of accountability from residents. Residents are expected to respect the rules and parameters of teh program in an effort to teach them to become responsible for their actions. One of the strict guidelines is an adherence to our zero tolerance policy. Clients in the sober living program will be expected to participate in, and pass, periodic drug testing to ensure accountability.

Community and Network

At California Prime Recovery we believe that a good support system can go a long way toward helping our clients stay sober. We offer a community of advisors, mentors, as well as like-minded individuals on a similar journey of recovery who are there to support clients as they transition into the next phase of recovery.

Stay Sober With Us

At California Prime Recovery, we provide more than just a place to stay sober. We offer a strong sober living community where our residents can transition into a successful life of long-term recovery, while receiving support and guidance on their journey.

What We Offer
  • Weekly meetings with designated advisor/counsel
  • Assistance with job searching and budgeting finances
  • Assistance with 12-step meeting attendance
  • Fully furnished residences
  • Stress-free environment
  • Pet-friendly accommodations upon request
  • Weekly house/group meetings
  • Structured daily routine
  • Medication assistance, if necessary
  • Periodic drug testing
  • Transportation to work, meetings, and other events

Breaking Down Barriers

No one should face barriers when it comes to receiving treatment.In order to make treatment afforadable, California Prime Recovery is in-network with most major insurance probiders and offers flexible payment plans.
California Prime Recovery provides 24/7 admissions, and interventions and transportation at no additional cost.

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