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Blue Cross Blue Shield Association BlueDistinction: Expert Substance Use Treatment and Recovery

We at California Prime Recovery are happy to announce that our team has received the remarkable initiative known as Blue Distinction®, a prestigious national designation awarded by Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS) companies. This recognition is reserved for exceptional healthcare providers who excel in delivering top-notch specialty care—safely, effectively, and efficiently. Let us shed light on this prestigious achievement.

Unveiling Blue Distinction

Blue Distinction represents a significant achievement in the healthcare realm. It signifies that providers have not only met but surpassed rigorous quality standards in their specialty care practices. The primary objective of this program is two-fold: first, to empower consumers with access to high-quality and cost-effective healthcare options for their unique needs, and second, to provide employers with a solid foundation for tailoring employee benefits.


Elevating Substance Use Treatment and Recovery

A Program with a Purpose: Substance Use Treatment and Recovery

The Blue Distinction Centers for Substance Use Treatment and Recovery initiative takes healthcare excellence to a new level. Focusing on substance use disorder treatment, including opioid use disorder, the program aims to enhance patient outcomes and value. This all-encompassing approach addresses various levels of care delivery, ranging from residential to intensive outpatient services.

Comprehensive Care, Holistic Approach

Providers within the program are dedicated to offering patient-centered, multidisciplinary care. They integrate services seamlessly within their delivery systems or through effective coordination. This holistic approach ensures smooth transitions between different levels of care, promoting continuity and comprehensive support.

Setting a New Standard

Setting the Gold Standard: Blue Distinction Designation

Earning the Blue Distinction Center for Substance Use Treatment and Recovery designation isn’t just an honor—it’s a testament to a provider’s commitment to exceptional quality. This esteemed recognition is bestowed based on stringent quality criteria, emphasizing timely, coordinated, evidence-based, and patient-centered care.

Driving Quality Improvement

Providers designated as Blue Distinction Centers constantly strive for quality enhancement. They continuously refine their practices to deliver superior care, ensuring that patients receive the best possible treatment and support throughout their recovery journey.

Navigating the Designation Process

The Path to Recognition: Designation Process

The journey toward becoming a Blue Distinction Center involves meticulous evaluation. Providers complete an online survey, which is then supplemented by BCBS claims data. This data-driven approach ensures an equitable and objective assessment. Additionally, providers are evaluated under BCBS Brands criteria, reinforcing a commitment to excellence.

Unlocking Distinction: The Participation Agreement

Upon meeting all selection criteria, providers are eligible for the Blue Distinction Center for Substance Use Treatment and Recovery designation. This recognition is solidified through the execution of a Participation Agreement, symbolizing a provider’s dedication to outstanding care.

Embracing Excellence

Promoting Excellence: The Role of BCBS Companies

BCBS companies join hands with designated providers to showcase their Substance Use Treatment and Recovery designation. This collaborative effort not only highlights a provider’s exceptional status but also fosters an environment of excellence and advancement.

Making Informed Choices

Empowering Decision-Making: Your Role as a Consumer

As a patient seeking substance use treatment and recovery options, Blue Distinction empowers you to make informed decisions. With designated providers, you can trust that you’re choosing a healthcare partner committed to your well-being and recovery.

Your Path to Recovery Starts Here

When it comes to substance use treatment and recovery, California Prime Recovery is your partner on the path to a brighter future. We’re here to guide you, provide unwavering support, and ensure that you receive the exceptional care you deserve.

Blue Distinction® Centers for Substance Use Treatment and Recovery represents a paramount achievement in healthcare, underscoring the dedication of providers to deliver exceptional care for substance use treatment and recovery. This program not only raises the bar for quality standards but also empowers patients to make informed choices.Your journey towards a healthier future begins with the guidance and support of distinguished providers who prioritize your well-being.
For more information, please visit BlueDistinction® Centers for Substance Use Treatment and Recovery.


What is Blue Distinction and why is it important for substance use treatment and recovery?

Blue Distinction is a prestigious national designation that recognizes providers for delivering top-quality specialty care, ensuring patients receive excellent substance use treatment and recovery services.

Blue Distinction ensures that patients receive patient-centered, multidisciplinary care, promoting holistic recovery and seamless transitions between different levels of care.

Blue Distinction Centers have met stringent quality criteria, demonstrating their commitment to evidence-based, timely, and coordinated care.

You can explore the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association websites ( for a list of designated providers in your area.

Blue Distinction drives quality improvement by recognizing and promoting providers who deliver exceptional care, thereby raising the standard of healthcare services for everyone.

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