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Learn more about how Health Net can help you pay for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

California Prime Recovery is an in-network provider with MHN and Healthnet. We provide the following services: Substance abuse treatment, Addiction after programs, Evening IOP, Therapist, Case Manager, Doctor. Please call for more info, we are standing by and ready to help!

Health Net for Addiction Treatment

Ensuring that you receive the care you need is the most important factor.Health Net may cover some or all of the cost.

Does Health Net provide drug rehab coverage?

Health Net insurance plans cover a range of drug and alcohol rehab program. There is a specific process that a member must follow in order to receive coverage under their Health Net insurance plan. Before being admitted into a Healthnet Rehab Program, be sure to understand all your options and the requirements of the plan you have purchased.

Drug and alcohol addiction services included in Health Net policies often consist of:

To learn more about how you can move forward with your life and beat addiction permaently, please contact us immediately. As a drug rehab that takes Health Net insurance, we are available to give you round-the-clock assistance. We will not only verify your Health Net policy on your behalf, but we will also thoroughly explain your options and help you reduce your financial involvement.

Money doesn’t have to be a major deterrent in getting professional help. Using your Healthnet policy is one of the best ways to cover the costs for addiction treatment. Call now to find out how you can get started with little or no out-ou-pocket expenses

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