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Yoga Therapy

At California Prime, we believe in comprehensive treatment plans that incorporate several different modalities that can work together on the physical, mental and emotional states of our clients. In addition to detox, medical assisted treatments, and therapy for mental health issues, we work extensively to integrate holistic approaches such as yoga which has been found unexpectedly effective in the addiction recovery process.


How we use Yoga at California Prime

We offer several group therapy programs where participants are brought together to experience a certain type of therapy, depending on client preferences as well as what works best for them. Our group therapy sessions help foster a sense of belonging, learning new ways of communicating, giving and requesting help, and creating a supportive network.

While there are some drawbacks regarding group therapy, such as less personal attention and confidentiality concerns, these typically do not apply to yoga therapy. Yoga offers a unique way to bring together participants with different backgrounds and personalities creating a support system that works for everyone.

Benefits of Yoga in Addiction Recovery

The benefits of yoga are endless, but here are a few that we notice in our clients:

Reduces stress and anxietyEnhances mood and energyIncreases physical strength
Connects with the communityHelps with attention deficitImproves mental stability


How Yoga Changes Addictive Habits

Beyond the highlighted benefits above, yoga works from within, helping to rebuild new neural pathways over old addictive patterns. Our brains and nervous systems are continually learning and regenerating new patterns through our daily experiences and habits.

Because of our brain’s ability to change and learn, the areas of our brain that are used most become larger, and the neural pathways become stronger. Which means stress induced addictive behaviors can be rewired through learning new behaviors and practices to reverse the anxiety and induce peace and calm. Yoga is shown to be especially effective in this process because it reaches several areas of the brain during practice. Yoga simultaneously works on the physical, mental and spiritual areas of our systems, so that they are integrated into making us more holistic beings.

Learn about how we incorporate yoga and other holistic practices into our addiction recovery plans: 866-486-1876

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