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Humanistic Therapy

At the heart of Humanistic Therapy is a belief that each human being has their own subjective view of the world, which impacts their behaviors and reactions in everyday life challenges. It is a positive psychology based therapy focusing on an individual’s positive strengths and characteristics and using them to heal themselves.

Humanistic Therapy is a client-centered strategy where the therapist provides the role of a supportive structure while the client is encouraged to take control of their own life and choices. Counseling provides a safe space where patients can share the challenges they are facing as well as their motivations for change.

Techniques used in Humanistic Therapy

While there are a wide range of techniques that are used as part of humanistic therapy, here are a few foundational ones that support the core beliefs of a humanistic approach.

Because this is a client-centered therapy, the counselor often plays the role of a reflective listener, repeating what the client shares in their own words.
Empathetic understanding from the perspective of the therapist allows the individual to feel seen, heard and understood
By focusing on an individual’s strengths instead of weaknesses, humanistic therapy helps in improving what is good in their life
Viewing a set of events, behaviors, or reactions as simply facts, without judgment, allows an individual to reduce emotional reactivity


Humanistic Therapy in Addiction Recovery

For individuals seeking to establish a strong sense of self worth and independence, Humanistic Therapy helps them to find their sense of purpose in overcoming addiction.

At California Prime we insist on treating each client as a unique individual and we understand that those with addiction challenges and mental health issues deserve just as much respect and positive regard as any other human being. We help our patients view themselves with the same kind of self regard and self-acceptance.

While many traditional therapies focus on a specific diagnosis and treatment, humanistic therapy is a holistic approach that focuses on an individual’s cognitive, behavioral and emotional aspects from a positive perspective.

What is Humanistic Therapy used to treat

Rather than looking at humanistic therapy as a treatment for mental health disorders, it is more realistic to view it as an approach to support an individual’s sense of purpose and overall well being.

Humanistic Therapy is used in combination with other techniques to treat:

  • Trauma
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Personality disorders
  • Substance abuse

California Prime offers individualized treatment plans for each of our clients that include many areas of treatment, and integrates them into a comprehensive plan to help them heal and recover from addiction and other related issues. If you think our approach may benefit you call us today to discuss what we can do for you: 866-486-1876

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