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Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Modesto, CA

Addiction and Mental Health Treatment California

Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Modesto, CA

Welcome to California Prime Recovery, your premier addiction and mental health treatment center located in Orange County, CA. At California Prime Recovery, we are committed to providing comprehensive care and support for individuals struggling with addiction and mental health issues. Treatment for addiction and mental health issues is provided by a dedicated team of health care providers, including therapists and specialists, and our center is licensed by the California Department of Health Care Services to offer integrated and personalized health care services. In this guide, we’ll explore access to our range of evidence-based treatment programs and therapeutic services. Our dedicated team is here to guide you through your recovery journey, offering personalized care and compassionate support every step of the way. We are available 24/7, if you need support call now 844-349-0077



The agricultural riches of the Central Valley have helped the city of Modesto to grow and expand into the moderately populated but highly desirable city to live in California. It produces a range of agricultural products such as milk, wine, almonds, walnuts and chickens, thanks to the lush farmlands of the Central Valley region. Unfortunately, the health and wellbeing of the community didn’t rate very highly, according to a Gallup survey back in 2011. Crime, substance abuse, and drug addiction are unexpectedly higher in Modesto than some of the other cities in the state of California.

In the heart of Modesto, CA, where the vibrant agricultural landscape meets the urban bustle, lies a beacon of hope for those grappling with addiction: drug and alcohol rehab centers. These centers offer a lifeline to individuals and families navigating the complexities of substance abuse and addiction. With a range of treatment options, from outpatient services to intensive residential programs, these facilities serve as pillars of support in the journey towards recovery.


How to Choose the Right Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Modesto, CA?

There are more than 15 rehab centers in Modesto, CA, a relatively smaller number of rehabs for a city of its size. Not all rehabs offer all the amenities you may be looking for when you want to choose the right rehab for you. It is recommended that you make a list of factors that you consider important in a right rehab.

Here are some areas to think about:

  • Program Accreditation by reputable accreditation agencies

  • Program Options available, such as detox, inpatient, outpatient, PHP, IOP

  • Dual Diagnosis for co-occurring disorders

  • Mental health treatment alongside addiction treatment

  • Therapy programs for addiction and mental health

  • Drug free facilities and environment

  • Comfortable accommodations with amenities you desire

  • Treatment services including individual and group therapy, addiction education, relapse prevention, assessments, medical withdrawal management, medication-assisted treatment, and individualized treatment plans

Other factors you may want to consider:

  • Long term treatment for improved chances of success in recovery

  • Healthy diet and nutrition

  • Opportunities for exercise and outdoor events

  • Distance from home to avoid negative triggers

  • Climate. It’s amazing what a sunny day can do for healing!

California Prime Recovery is uniquely equipped to address any factor you may be considering for your rehab, including all of the above. It is located about 6 hours south of Modesto, CA, thereby checking off the climate and distance from home factors as well.

California Prime Recovery Near Modesto, California

A hand selected expert clinical team who takes your recovery very seriously is waiting for you at California Prime. California Prime Recovery has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® for Behavioral Health Care Accreditation by demonstrating continuous compliance with its performance standards. The Department of Healthcare Services (DHCS) also certifies our facility, ensuring the highest quality of care. Just a short drive from Irvine, OC, we offer dual diagnosissubstance abuse and mental health treatment including OutpatientIntensive Outpatient, and Partial Hospitalization Programs.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab on Modesto California

What Addiction Treatment Options can I Expect in Modesto CA?

There are a wide range of addiction treatment options available in Modesto, CA, depending on the specialized services each rehab offers. For example, some rehabs only focus on detoxification and medical supervision. These are usually short term in-and-out programs that may not help with long term recovery. Other rehabs may not be staffed to address co-occurring mental health conditions. Some rehabs are situated in parts of the city that are not conducive for recovery. So make sure to inquire about the treatment options that you desire in a rehab.

Here are some drug treatment options that may be available in Modesto, CA:

Initial Assessment

This is typically the first step to any rehab treatment, where you provide your name, contact info, and your history with substance abuse. Initial assessment also includes questions about the length of time you have abused the substance, the type of substance, and the frequency of use. Some of the better rehabs also assess any mental health conditions, and family history issues.

Medical Detox

Once you gain admission into a rehab, depending on the severity of your addiction, you may or may not go through a medical detoxification process. This is the process of removing all traces of the substance you are addicted to from your body and its systems. Due to the nature of addiction, this process can cause severe withdrawal symptoms which can sometimes be painful and harmful. Medical assistance can make the process less painful.

Inpatient Programs

Not all patients require inpatient treatment, depending on the severity of your addiction. Inpatient programs require you to reside at the treatment facility full time so that you can be part of a fully structured treatment program, within a sober community, and in a drug free environment. Inpatient programs are recommended for individuals who are suffering from a high degree of addiction and relapsing is likely.

Partial Hospitalization Program

If you don’t need inpatient treatment, or if you have completed an inpatient program but still need supervision, PHP offers a good transitional option. You can receive medical monitoring while in the program, but still be able to benefit from being an outpatient.

Intensive Outpatient Program

The IOP is yet another step down transition program from the PHP, allowing a patient to gradually return to their daily life while still receiving intensive care. In this type of program you are still required to attend programming at the facility several days a week, but you may be able to attend to your regular work or family obligations as well.

Outpatient Program

Standard outpatient treatment is the most flexible of all the options, and is a final step before one can return to their regular life full time. OP treatment typically involves checking in a few times a week, and attending some therapy sessions, as needed. A good rehab may also offer aftercare programs and support groups so that you can continue to have the support of a sober community, in order to reduce relapses.

California Prime Recovery offers a wide range of treatment programs including PHP, IOP and OP, as well as aftercare, sober living and support groups.


What Payment Options are Available in Modesto CA Rehabs?

Cost of rehab can be high in Modesto, CA, although it does vary greatly between rehabs, depending on the services they offer and the quality of their treatment and facilities. Typically medically assisted detox and inpatient programs are the most expensive, while outpatient rehab and partial care programs can cost less, allowing for longer term care.

Some of the rehabs in Modesto, CA accept private insurance. Some rehabs accept major carriers such as Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cigna. If you have insurance, the Affordable Care Act requires that they cover at least a portion of your rehab cost. California Prime Recovery accepts most insurance plans. Verify your insurance coverage here to check if you qualify.

Patients are not required to have health insurance to request addiction treatment. Lower out of pocket options may include low cost, drug free rehab treatments. Payment plans are available at some rehabs. Income-based, or financial-need-based state funded rehab options are also available to individuals without insurance coverage.

Many people are not aware that Medicaid is accepted at addiction rehab facilities for substance abuse treatment. Medi-Cal is accepted statewide across rehab facilities in California. Medi-Cal also includes those who are covered by the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Medicare is available for eligible individuals. Aegis Treatment Centers, for example, accept Medicare, Medicaid, and other health insurance plans.

Don’t let the cost of rehab stop you from seeking recovery. If you need recovery support and payment options, please reach out at 866-486-1876 or text us at 949-749-3026.


What is the Admission Process For Drug Rehab in Modesto, CA?

Initial assessment is typically the first step of the admission process at most rehabs in Modesto CA. This includes an assessment of the patient’s personal, medical and drug history, as well as family history. In addition, some rehabs offer detailed lab tests that can help toward formulating treatment options. Depending upon the nature and severity of addiction, a comprehensive treatment plan, including medication assisted treatment, can be implemented.

Be aware that not all rehab centers provide individualized treatment plans for their clients. Ensure that you verify what kind of services are provided when you consider a rehab center for your needs. California Prime Recovery offers a wide range of addiction recovery options to cater to individuals from all phases of life. Some key services include Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), Out-patient Rehab, Evening IOP, Drug Court Programming and Sober Living, offered in luxurious, drug-free facilities. California Prime also offers dual diagnosis and treatment of co-occurring disorders or mental health issues.


Can I get Mental Health Treatment in Modesto CA Rehabs?

It depends. There are a few rehabs in Modesto CA that offer mental health treatment, however for most of them, their primary focus is on short term detoxification. Unfortunately a week of detox does not address the roots of addiction. It has been proven that successful recovery may only come from long term treatment.

At California Prime, we have an extremely dedicated staff that includes specialized professionals skilled in treating a wide range of mental health issues. Our human services include a variety of therapeutic approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy, individual and group therapy, family programs, relapse prevention training, and addiction education. These programs are tailored based on the client’s schedule and the intensity of the program they require. Some of the mental health issues we treat are:

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General Information

What Addiction Rehab Resources are available in Modesto, CA?


In Modesto, CA, drug and alcohol rehab centers stand as steadfast allies in the fight against addiction. Through their comprehensive treatment programs, compassionate care, and dedication to recovery, these centers offer a path towards healing and renewal. With each individual’s journey, they embody the collective hope for a brighter, substance-free future for the community and beyond.

Seeking Treatment in Modesto? We Can Help!

At California Prime Recovery, as an in-network provider we work with most insurance plans, such as:

If you or a loved one are struggling with mental health challenges or substance abuse, reach out to California Prime Recovery today. Our team of compassionate professionals is here to support your journey towards lasting well-being. Give us a call at 866-208-2390

FAQs for Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Modesto

What types of drug and alcohol rehab programs are available in Modesto, CA?

In Modesto, CA, various types of rehab programs are available, including residential (inpatient), outpatient, intensive outpatient (IOP), partial hospitalization (PHP), and sober living environments.

How do I know if I need drug and alcohol rehab?

You may need drug and alcohol rehab if you’re struggling to control your substance use despite negative consequences, experiencing withdrawal symptoms, or noticing disruptions in your personal, social, or professional life due to substance abuse.

What should I expect during drug and alcohol rehab in Modesto, CA?

During rehab, you can expect to undergo an assessment to determine the most appropriate treatment plan for your needs. This may include detoxification, individual and group therapy, medication management, life skills training, relapse prevention education, and aftercare planning.

How long does drug and alcohol rehab typically last?

The duration of drug and alcohol rehab varies depending on factors such as the severity of addiction, type of program (e.g., residential, outpatient), and individual progress. Programs may last anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

Do drug and alcohol rehab programs in Modesto, CA accept health insurance?

Many drug and alcohol rehab programs in Modesto, CA accept health insurance. It’s essential to check with the treatment facility and your insurance provider to understand coverage, copayments, and out-of-pocket expenses.

What types of therapies are offered in drug and alcohol rehab?

Drug and alcohol rehab programs may offer a range of therapies, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), motivational interviewing, family therapy, experiential therapy, and 12-step facilitation.

Are there specialized drug and alcohol rehab programs for specific populations in Modesto, CA?

Yes, some drug and alcohol rehab programs in Modesto, CA cater to specific populations, such as adolescents, LGBTQ+ individuals, veterans, first responders, and those with co-occurring mental health disorders.

What happens after completing drug and alcohol rehab in Modesto, CA?

After completing rehab, individuals may transition to aftercare programs, such as outpatient therapy, support groups (e.g., Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous), sober living environments, and ongoing medical or psychiatric care to support their recovery journey.

How can I find the best drug and alcohol rehab program in Modesto, CA for my needs?

To find the best rehab program for your needs in Modesto, CA, consider factors such as accreditation, licensure, treatment approach, staff credentials, amenities, location, cost, and reviews from past clients. It’s also helpful to schedule consultations or tours to get a feel for the facility and its programs.

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