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Rating Best decision I ever made was to get help through Cali Prime. Changed my life. I was on mental Health side and the tools I learned changed me. Mind, body, and soul is what they focus on and I have zero complaints! Team was amazing. Thank you Cali Prime!
Naomie J.

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Clint Johnson
Clint Johnson
Cpr provides a safe place for change and growth! Give yourself a chance to become the change you want to see in the world!!
Kerri Doucette
Kerri Doucette
I had the best experience that I could expect, I will forever remember my time with California Prime. I would recommend this program for all mental health and addiction conditions.
Marisa Ramsey
Marisa Ramsey
I was lost until I found California Prime Recovery. I had a focus but wasn't sure what to do. The team at CPR was amazing. They were always there to help me with my needs, give me direction, help me learn how to live life on life's terms without the use of drugs and alcohol, and helped me achieve my goals. I found myself and a vision of the future at California Prime Recovery. I would recommend this place to anyone struggling to find the way out of addiction. I'm 6 months clean and sober today and I couldn't have done it like this without them. Thanks to everyone who I crossed paths with. I love you all.
Todd Blackwolf
Todd Blackwolf
My experience was so amazing here at California prime not only did it help in my recovery but my confidence to give my self a better life! I want to thank all the staff but give me a new life tho I’m not done in my recovery each day I work on it, I’m going to be cherishing and using all my new tools to my life and again I want to thank yall for being amazing and helpful yall help save my life! God bless you Sincerely, Todd Blackwolf
robert adkins
robert adkins
Absolutely solid program. No question. The entire treatment structure,from honcho to little worker bee are in it with their heart and soul. If you are there to change your current reality,they will get in the trench with you.Trigger disclaimer: “My experience was mine and open only to my interpretation”😂 …there are some monumental components in that program that I will always have the highest respect for. ..each of them in some significant way or another. All my gratitude and all my heart!! Thank you all at California Prime Recovery!!!! . If it’s time for you, please reach out for help anyway you can!! If California Prime Recovery is an option for you or a family member, or anyone in need of help,This program was exactly what it took for me.
Kylle Jordan
Kylle Jordan
Some good staff has been getting fired and everyone feels very on edge at this time. The groups are good and helpful and they hold us accountable.
Brittany Hedges
Brittany Hedges
I want to take a second and apologize for my previous review as I was upset and not mindful. Cali-Prime is a good rehab they offer many group settings, but there are some pros and cons. I enjoyed how staff were kind and helpful. I can’t say it was an awful place because it honestly is up to your behavior. They provide beautiful housing which you will share with other females. I shared a room with four other woman which I found very difficult because I like to have my own space. Let’s be truthful we can’t always have what we want. We must be thankful for what we received , and I didn’t think of that before my actions. They accused me of breaking something in one of their homes which I didn’t, but they still accused me. I asked the program director Allysa to show me and she said we don’t need to. She’s a super nice kind hearted woman, but she can be a little overbearing. Cali-Prime wants to make sure you receive the right care and take care of you. Pros- Get housing with other roommates. They provide great resources during groups. Groups are from 9:00-4:00 They provide weekly food allowance 75.00 Transportation to and from group Provide lunch through the week. Go on two outings a week. ( Tuesday Morning & Thursday afternoon) Get access to your phones Free internet at your PHP house. Get 6 meetings a day with 15 min break every 45 minutes. Cons- Drug Test 3 times a week and watch you pee. ( No Privacy) Search you anytime including strip search ( personally felt like jail) -Kick you out on curve if you don’t follow the rules - No second Chances - Follow you everywhere - Facilitators that run group talk more about themselves than asking questions on how we’re feeling. - Keep you later if you cant do a urine sample before 4:00 and will tell you before it’s time to leave for day. - If you have a food allergy it seemed they didn’t care. It’s not a bad center it’s really beautiful but overall it was really overwhelming. I would call other rehabs in Orange County to see if they could help, but didn’t have any beds open. It’s just a lot of rules and large groups. I wish the groups were smaller and everyone had a chance to share how they truly feel. Overall it’s a great opportunity and if I got a second chance I would go back. I struggled with PTSD, and Bipolar so it was really hard for me. Hopefully in the future they can be more mindful of how their patients feel and LISTEN to them instead of pushing them away. I had two great house managers who were sweet, kind, patient, loving but meds were always handed out really late. Between 10:30 and 11:30 pm. I really don’t have much more to say but be truthful. Thank you Cali Prime for giving me this opportunity and I wish you the best. If you’re looking for a rehab this is a good place however it depends on what you need.
Kendall Dunn
Kendall Dunn
Very good mental health & substance abuse programs. If you or a loved one ever needs help i would recommend California Prime as the premier option to get back control over your life.
Jonathan Pena
Jonathan Pena
CPR always held a very hospitable environment where the admin team treats you like family. They are willing to go above and beyond to help you through your journey and all they ever ask in return is the reciprocation of you doing the seller self developmental work for yourself. I can never say thank you enough to Kyle, Dani, Kayli and Monica for all there help through my time there. You all are the best!
Julia Carreon
Julia Carreon
Great place to get an in depth recovery experience. Staff is wonderful and always helpful. Kyle with admissions rocks ! I will always recommend California Prime to anyone !

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Virtual IOPs eliminate geographical barriers, allowing individuals from remote areas or those with limited mobility to access quality care from the comfort of their homes.


Virtual IOPs often offer flexible scheduling options, accommodating work, school, or family commitments. This flexibility can increase participation and reduce disruptions to daily life.

Comfort and Convenience

Attending therapy sessions from home can reduce anxiety and stress associated with travel and unfamiliar environments, fostering a more relaxed and open therapeutic experience.

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Alyssa Mueller


Alyssa Mueller is an Associate Clinical Social Worker. She holds a Master of Social Work with a concentration in Community Mental Health from California State University of Fullerton as well as a Bachelors of Arts in Communication Studies with an emphasis on intercultural and interpersonal communication from California State University of Long Beach. Compassion, empowerment and unconditional positive regard are the foundations of her clinical practice, Alyssa has a passion for helping others and her priority is to hold space for clients to feel heard, to feel safe and to find fulfillment and self-love on their recovery journey. Alyssa specializes in addiction treatment, self-esteem building, mindfulness practices, grief and loss, trauma informed care, and self-compassion as well as individual and family therapy. She has extensive experience working with high risk populations in various clinical settings such as partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient care, outpatient treatment, schools, and community outreach. Alyssa uses a client centered and holistic approach to address the client as a whole person in order to help them to feel empowered and facilitate their confidence and independence.

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