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Drug addiction treatment doesn’t stop at detox. Trying to instill healthy habits in an addiction patient does not work unless it’s aided by education about why they are turning to substance abuse in the first place. Without this knowledge, individuals routinely return to drugs and alcohol after their initial treatment and rehab.

Psychoeducation helps provide the necessary information to our clients so they can understand and manage their addiction, and stay sober in the longer term.

What is Psychoeducation?

When a person is diagnosed with a mental health disorder, they often do not know what that means and how it affects their behaviors and patterns. Psychoeducation is the process of educating an individual about their disorder, whether it is a substance use disorder or psychiatric disorder. Licensed therapists can provide the necessary background and information in understanding the various disorders and how to address them. It can be used as an effective tool when confronted with addictive cravings or behaviors.

Who Provides Psychoeducation?

At California Prime we have licensed psychotherapists and experienced counselors who provide psychoeducation to our clients in individual or group therapy sessions. Our medical staff also include case managers and support group leaders who are well educated in psychotherapy, and can assist in providing psychoeducation in therapy sessions.

We offer psychoeducation sessions, not only to our patients, but also to their partners, parents or other family members who are affected by an individual’s addiction.

Types of Psychoeducation Training

Problem-solving Training Communication TrainingSocratic Questioning
Condition Management Assertiveness Training 


Benefits of Psychoeducation in Addiction Treatments

  • Understanding genetic, biological and environmental factors behind addiction
  • Understanding implications of addictive behaviors and reactions
  • Educating oneself about alternatives to substance use
  • Learning self care skills and strategies for managing fears, stress and anxiety
  • Connecting with support groups

Psychoeducation plays a major role in addiction treatment and recovery at California Prime, where we offer it as part of individual therapy, group therapy, or family therapy sessions. Understanding addiction is the most important tool in overcoming substance abuse disorder and reducing relapses.

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