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Mental Health Treatment California

Mental Health Issues

To remain healthy, understanding more about mental health issues is crucial.

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Clinically Reviewed by: Charee Marquez, LMFT
Review Date: 3/1/2023

What are Mental Health Issues?

This refers to a long list of mental health conditions or disorders. Mental health issues affect the mood, behavior, and attitude of a person.

Mental health issues are different from mental stress. Mental stress or illness becomes an issue when it interferes with your daily activities.

How Common Are Mental Health Issues?

Mental health issues are somewhat common in the United States. More than 20% of American adults have mental health issues.

At least 50% of Americans will have mental health issues at least once in their lives.

In some cases, a person can suffer from two or more mental health disorders concurrently.

What Are Some Risk Factors for Mental Health Issues?

Some of the risk factors include

  • Family History – A sibling or parent having a mental illness is a strong risk factor
  • A previous case of a mental disorder
  • Trauma – This affects war or military veterans
  • History of child abuse
  • Use of alcohol and illicit substances
  • Social isolation
  • A serious health condition like diabetes

What Are Some Common Types of Mental Health Issues?

Some common types of mental health issues include

Mood Disorders

People with mood disorders have extreme mood swings. They might be extremely happy and extremely sad at sharp intervals.

Mood disorders are also called affective disorders. Common types of mood disorders include cyclothymic disorders, depression, and bipolar depression.

Psychotic Disorders

People with psychotic disorders have a distorted reality and awareness. Symptoms related to this disorder include hallucinations.

A good example of a psychotic disorder is schizophrenia.

Anxiety Disorders

People with anxiety disorders have a disproportionate response to situations and challenges. This is usually characterized by fear, panic, or anxiety.

Examples of anxiety disorders include panic disorders, phobias, and anxiety disorders.

Personality Disorders

Personality disorders are marked by rigid and inflexible behavior. This behavior usually goes against the norms of society and is extreme.

Examples of personality disorders include paranoid personality disorder.

Dissociative Disorders

People with dissociative disorders usually experience sharp changes in awareness and consciousness of their environment.

Dissociative disorders are usually caused by severe stress. A split personality disorder is a good example of dissociative disorder.

What Are Some Common Symptoms of Mental Health Issues?

  • Low energy levels
  • Insomnia
  • Excessively sad
  • Lack of appetite
  • Lower libido
  • Prone to violence
  • Extreme mood swings
  • Withdrawal from friends and social interactions
  • Hallucinations
  • Short attention span

Most people who suffer from mental disorders usually have two or more symptoms. Just having one of these symptoms does not mean you have a mental disorder.

What Are Some Effects/Consequences of Mental Health Issues?

Mental health issues can have negative effects on your life. This might include

  • Financial issues
  • Unhappiness
  • Low productivity/Motivation
  • Isolation
  • Problems maintaining relationships
  • Homelessness
  • Chronic medical conditions like heart disease

How Can Mental Health Issues Be Prevented?

There is no guaranteed guideline to prevent mental health issues. However, the following tips might help.

  • Get regular medical care – You never know when something might go wrong. Staying ahead of the game can be life-saving
  • Pay attention to early signs or symptoms – The sooner you get mental issues under control, the better.
  • Practice good self-care – This includes getting enough rest, working out, or eating healthy foods.

What Are Some Possible Treatment Options For Mental Health Issues?

California Prime Offers 30-60-90 Day Outpatient, IOP, PHP Treatment Programs For People Struggling With Mental Health Issues. Call Today To Learn More

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